Del Ray UMC


Thank you for your interest in electronic giving. Through our secure website, you can make one-time or ongoing donations. We hope that you will take advantage of the many benefits that come with registering online, including making donations from your computer or mobile device. 

Login to: to access your account at any time.

Any questions or comments please contact Diana at or  703-549-2088.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is E-Giving?

A. E-Giving is short for electronic giving. It is an automatic transfer program which allows you to make contributions without writing checks. This can be done from anywhere 24 hours a day.

Q – What is the advantage of E-Giving?

A. It saves time! It saves work! It simplifies your life!  You also help your organization stabilize its budget and save money.

Q – How do I change my donation schedule?

A. Login to E-Giving and click on View/Edit member profile and transactions schedules. Click on the Transaction schedules tab and then click edit to change the frequency or amount.

Q – How will E-Giving appear on my bank or credit/debit account statement?

A. All transactions will appear as E-Giving.

Q – What do I use when I do my taxes? Will I get a statement of everything I gave online?

A. You will receive a statement from the church with all your donation information at the beginning of each year, just the same as if you give in person. 

Q- Can I look up all my donations online, even those that I gave while at church?

A.  No, The only transactions you can view online are the ones that were completed online. Please contact the church office for complete donation information.

Q – What if I change bank accounts, or get a new credit or debit card?

A. Update the information from your Main Menu under the section View/Edit Member Profile and transactions schedules. You have the ability to change your personal information, payment information and edit any giving schedules. Do not create a new account; always edit your existing account.

Q – The computer won’t let me make my donation by using my bank account…the only option is for credit or debit cards.

A. Go back to the main menu, and choose “Checking/Savings Authorization”, Read the agreement and check the box to agree. Once that is done, you will have access to the bank ACH donation area. Your bank may also have limited the amount you can donate.